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What comes from all points of the compass?
NEWS Get it? North East West South - N E W S - NEWS!!!

HA! Dude, I've got hundreds more... oh, maybe later, then.

So, you want to learn how to use a compass today, huh? Cool, there's not a whole lot to it and its a good skill to have if you're ever going to step out of your house. Even if you're never going to leave the city, being aware of general compass directions and having a feel for where you are and which direction you're heading is important.

how to use a compass

You can use the pages of this compass usage site as a compass tutorial, by starting on this page and reading each page linked at the bottom in turn. Or, jump directly to the compass topic that interests you.

Your Friend, the Compass

A compass is an extremely valuable piece of equipment used not only by hikers and campers, but also pilots in airplanes, captains of ships at sea, and car drivers everywhere. It is such a simple but powerful item, everyone should know how to use one.

Wherever you happen to be on Earth, a compass in your hand will always point North. Whether you are stranded in the ocean, caught in a blizzard, or lost in a deep, dark forest late at night, your friend the compass will never let you down and can always be used to help find the way. Sure, a GPS is pretty cool, but it needs batteries and a signal, not the magnetic compass!

You're on your way to learning how to use a compass. Click away and enjoy the trip.

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Late-breaking Compass News

North and South Poles are moving!
Will the Earth's magnetic field flip again?

READ MORE about how this will affect you.

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